Jason Anker Live

The Journey

In 2009, 2 years after finally receiving my compensation after a 14 year struggle, I was a little bewildered as to my future, I had spent a good chunk of my compensation just trying to enjoy myself spending as much time as possible in Tenerife, A drunken conversation literally changed my life.

At the beginning of 2009 I met Dan Terry, a behavioural safety professional he was sat opposite the table trying to make me aware that my story, which he had just listened to, needed to be told to as many people in industry as possible. If I�m honest I was unconvinced but he did persuade me to witness one of his presentations, which was held in the middle of nowhere near Hull, being sat in a room of 20 roughnecks did little for my confidence and next time Dan spoke to me I was back in Tenerife. However after returning to the UK after 2 months, Dan again approached me, this time I spoke for the very first time about my accident, the first time to an audience and probably the first time to myself. The reaction from the audience was the first time I realised what Dan had meant, your story can help in changing peoples attitudes towards safety.

The journey had begun

Dan remains a close friend; www.leadingandbehavingsafely.co.uk

I was soon introduced by Dan to Matt Terry, no relation, but they had been working together on a new approach to behavioural safety and due to Dans other work commitments I started to work more often alongside Matt. As Dan, the approach was a real life accident victim at the beginning of the sessions instead of the tried and trusted method of showing a DVD. We saw an immediate response from attendees; it is hard for guys to look the other way when the victim is 5 feet in front of them.

Matt is currently living and working in Doha and we have recently been back in touch

In February 2010 while speaking at an event for IOSH in London at their Tailored Course Approval Service Launch, I was approached by Outtakes Film Communications. They had been impressed with my speech but they thought this needed to be seen by as many people as possible and although I believe strongly that a live presentation has the greatest impact I cannot be everywhere. So the DVD, Jason Anker-A Fall from Height was made, which has gone on to be a very successful safety film. We were keen for the film not to be focused on the accident itself but on the impact it has, not only on the accident victim but their family and friends. The success of the film proved this was achieved. I have kept a close working relationship with Outtakes ever since.

In 2013 to coincide with the launch of my initiative Proud 2b Safe, a second film was made, Jason Anker- P2BS, however this film focuses on the effect it had on my children and close friends. This film changed my whole direction, hearing my children Abbi & Sam, now adults, talking about things I had not realised affected them.

We decided we had to make this film available to as wider audience as possible.

I am grateful to Outtakes, who had realised themselves this film was different, and we decided we would make this freely available to stream online, DVD copies are also available to purchase through Outtakes @ £25.00+vat

Outtakes make bespoke safety films using some of the latest cutting edge filming technology; www.outtakes.co.uk

Proud 2b Safe launched October 2013  www.facebook.com/Proud2bSafe

A huge thank you to everybody who has helped in anyway with this project

There are honestly too many to mention but without the help and support you have given me this would never have moved on from the vision of an idea.