Jason Anker Live

Guest Speaker

Jason's story is really about being at rock bottom, having the determination to pick yourself up, change direction in life and then trying to make a difference to others.

Jason is a regular speaker at functions and after dinner events where he talks about his story, from the evening before the accident, the accident itself, the subsequent rehabilitation and his attempts to put his shattered life back together.

Ultimately it is an uplifting story which is a great way to motivate staff at a motivational training day or just simply to leave an impression on a group of people gathered together for dinner or a function.

If you have an audience that you would like Jason to address with a specific theme to the meeting, contact Jason before hand and he will tailor his talk around your requirements. Whilst concentrating on his own story, relating the motivational elements to your teams circumstances will give the whole process meaning and impact.

The main element about Jason's story is overcoming hurdles which seem impossible and how even if the journey is difficult, it can ultimately fulfilling. Would your audience like to stretch their horizons? Jason can help fulfil this.

Presenting his story to teenagers, whether in school, youth club or young offender's institute, his experience can make a difference.